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Ask for Protect All products at your local MSC Direct Supply, or Sid Tool Supply, or, call the MSC Nationwide Call Center 1-800-645-7270.

Petrochem Industrial Lubricants
and Metalworking Fluids

LABOR IS COSTLY!  Machine Tools Are Very Expensive...
Customers Are Hard To Find!

Why use ordinary coolants, cutting oils and metalworking compounds when the best costs no more? With over 40 years of experience in supplying industry with products that solve problems, Protect All, Inc. has the right metal working fluids for your company.

Make sure that you are getting the maximum tool life, the best finishes and most operator-friendly products available. Protect All, Inc. fluids and lubricants are longer lasting and very economical to use. Many of the biggest aerospace, metal fabricators and machine shops rely on Protect All, Inc. to solve their problems. Products for aluminum, steel, stainless and exotic metals have been carefully formulated to meet your specific needs. Best of all, they are available in most any size container, from one gallon cans to tote bins and our tech service is just a phone call away. So please just call, FAX or E-mail us and we will get back to you immediately with our recommendations.

Protect All, Inc. specializes in coolants, cutting oils, tapping compounds, drawing compounds, grinding fluids, hydraulic oils and machine lubricants. Our products are available through major industrial distributors and many local tool distributors, or call us direct. Staying in business gets harder every day, so why not do one thing to make things easier...CALL PROTECT ALL, INC., TODAY!

(Custom blending, packaging & private label services available.)

Chain Life
Extreme Pressure
Foaming Lubricant

Can of Chain Life

Premier Tapping &
Threading Compound

Can of Microfinish
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